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About me

Film Director, Camera Operator, Editor.

"I have always perceived knowledge as the key to the complex equation of my world. As a mathematician, I believe that professional reward does not come with discovering truth, but in seeking it. As a film-maker, I uphold the idea that cinema is an illusion which helps us get closer to the truth. As a dreamer, I promote the right of young people to be activists and change the world for the better:" 

Elena Georgie, works as a Production Accountant for Film and TV industry. She is also a filmmaker, based in UK, worked on Netflix and Amazon Productions and brand video content projects for clients such as Filming Scotland, Flambard Williams London, Be United, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh Health Foundations, Grassmarket Projects, Winterwell Associates, Qikserve, Pierre Levicky Art, Dear World USA, Live-Bio, Reality Gives Tours in India, Kashish Yoga School, Goa, Project Resound USA among others. 

She is a Founder of Tree Bench Films and she has worked on over 100 video/brand productions. For most of her video and film projects, she is responsible for all aspects of the video process from pre-production to post-production. She worked also as a Producer for an animation studio Chase a Cloud, with a portfolio which includes global clients such as National Geographic, Mattel and Tongal, Volvo, Johnson and Johnson and Microsoft. 

She has developed in-depth knowledge of the film-making process as she produced and directed several narrative fiction and documentary projects. She obtained her degree in Film Directing from Edinburgh University. In 2013 she wrote the script and co-directed the short film "1, 2, 3... Until you find me", which won an award for Refinement in Visual Concept. In 2017 she produced and directed a 45 - minute documentary "A Common Connection" which was distributed by a Chinese platform YOUKU, part of Alibaba Group Holding. She won 4 Awards in Glasgow Film Competition in 2021 including best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Production Design and Runner Up for Best Film. In 2023, her film Front Door has the Honorable Mention for Best Experimental Film at ARFF Amsterdam Film Festival.

Her short films as a director have been part of film festivals such as; Amsterdam Film Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Grand IndieWise Convention Miami Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Sose International Film Festival, Sofia International Film Festival, A -film Festival, among others. She is currently distributing her most recent films made in India - Shine on Jackie and Front Door.  She is now working on her first feature script.


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