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This is my story

A Storytelling Retreat For Women


Due to our busy work schedule, we will organise

workshops upon requests only - up to 4-6p group.

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Experience relaxation off the beaten track and tell your story through a short film!


A travel experience that entails storytelling workshops, film-making skills, yoga, healthy food and sailing by a picturesque Greek island, tailored specifically for women like you.

This is My Story
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This is my story (Pascale) - A Letter to The Man Who Left

What is the Storytelling Retreat For Women?


If you’re looking to express your emotions via storytelling and the production of a short film, the chance to get off the beaten track and explore authentic connections with other like minded women as well as the local community by the wonderful Greek island of Poros - sign up for this workshop!

You will be able to develop storytelling and filmmaking skills in various locations such as the picturesque Love Bay during sunset, or virgin olive groves between centuries old olive trees. Or, you might prefer looking for your favourite scene on a secluded bay, approachable only by boat, where you can enjoy your time without being disturbed.

You’ll have the opportunity to finish exploring neighbouring islands, staring at the waves and the beautiful hillsides nearby, writing about life, happiness or whatever your heart desires.

What does it entail?


Practical storytelling workshops combining interactive sessions, creative expression lectures and basic filmmaking techniques which will allow you to go on a journey of self-discovery, and empower your imagination.

By the end of the retreat you will have a personal short film about a topic of your choice, following the process from writing a simple thought to finish a short script.

Come and meet the Tree Bench Team and discover how stories can enrich our own lives and also enable us to connect with our communities.


Who is this retreat for?


The workshop is specifically oriented towards women.
Many of us feel isolated and pressurised in our workplaces and communities. We are expected to be professionally successful while being perfect mothers and partners. Time spent looking after everybody else mea
ns we have no time to even think about how we feel and what we want out of our life.

Through this personal retreat, we want to question the idea of what defines ‘women in the modern world’, living complex lives where we are often unable to express what really affects us. We offer an opportunity to focus on ourselves and our emotions through the power of creativity, storytelling and filmmaking. And all that in a comfortable environment where we can connect with like minded individuals and create a sense of belonging, while recharging in a peaceful setting.

Your journey will not end there! You will develop deep connections and new friendships which will hopefully last a lifetime.

Why should I do it?

Treat yourself! Let it be about YOU for a change.

Many of us go on planned holidays with a partner or with family and kids, but what we tend to overlook is the need to have some time for ourselves. This retreat is an opportunity to unwind, combine creativity, inspiration, the power of yoga and mediation, and other outdoors activities with your holiday, and enjoy the ME vacation along with nurturing the softer side of your inner self, and finding better meaning in everyday life.

After all, a balanced connection between our mind, body, and soul is the only definitive secret to a healthy, happy and successful life.



  • Unwind through the power of creativity in a beautiful, authentic Greek island setting

  • Connect with your inner self through storytelling, writing, yoga and meditation

  • Rejuvenate your mind, body, soul by staying in the Live-Bio community, surrounded by the serenity of the blue sea, nature and peace

  • Create a story inspired by your personal experience and learn how to transform it into a short film

  • Get real film making experience during our filming practice day

  • Socialise with like-minded people and have meaningful conversations while raising awareness of the common issues faced by modern women today

  • Explore picturesque beaches around Poros Island, where you can chill and snorkel

  • Enjoy a unique sailing experience to the secluded bays around the island

  • Engage with the local community and its people

  • Refresh yourself at our swimming pool whenever you feel like it

  • Try out a whole lot of optional tours and activities

Accommodation and Meals

We will be staying at the beautiful and comfortable Live-Bio guest house and Poros Secret Studio Appartments. Each room has a king size bed, a large sofa bed, a private bathroom, a fully equipped kitchenette and unhindered, stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Accommodation can vary from single to shared room occupancy. Let us know if you’re travelling with a friend or partner so we can arrange for you to be in the same room.

A healthy breakfast each morning is included in the package. You are free to choose the rest of your meals yourself, which is a good excuse to try out a whole range of different types of food! Greece’s local cuisine is delicious, with fantastic fresh seafood available locally and plenty of excellent restaurants, tavernas and cafes. If you are a vegetarian or vegan you will find an abundance of options too.



This is how your average day will look like

07:30 - 08:30 Yoga Practice
08:30 - 10:00 Breakfast/ Pool time
10:30 - 13:00 Lecture: Basics of filmmaking
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:30 Interactive film practices

17:00 - 19:00 Free time
19:00 - 20:30 Dinner with feedback
20:30 - 22:00 Day Reflection/Self studies


Private Room
(Single Occupancy)




Includes a king-size bed
and a private

Checking at 2 pm,
Checkout at 11 am


*Price is per person

Shared Room
(Double Occupancy)




Includes a single bed in a double shared room with its own bathroom

Checking at 2 pm,
Checkout at 11 am


*Price is per person

Holiday package includes


Onsite accommodation in a beautiful sea facing studio (single or sharing)

Daily healthy breakfast

Storytelling workshops and other related activities

Film equipment and assistance during production

Welcome meeting and orientation

Free Wi-Fi

Filtered water, herbal tea and coffee

Farewell party


Not included



Airport transfers 

Lunch / Dinner Meals

Optional activities - Sailing trip/Yoga/Cocking Class

If you’d like, we can organise airport pickup and drop off or nearby excursions (at additional cost)


Creative, Enthusiast, Activist


Elena Georgie,  a filmmaker, based in Edinburgh, UK, has also worked on Netflix Productions and brand video content projects for clients such as Filming Scotland, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh Health Foundations, Grassmarket Projects, Winterwell Associates, Qikserve, Pierre Levicky Art, Dear World USA, Live-Bio, Reality Gives Tours in India, Kashish Yoga School, Goa, Project Resound USA among others.  


She is also a Founder of Tree Bench Films. For most of her video and film projects, she is responsible for all aspects of the video process from pre-production to post-production. She recently worked also as a Producer for an animation studio Chase a Cloud, whose portfolio includes global clients such as National Geographic, Mattel and Tongal, Volvo, Johnson and Johnson and Microsoft.  



Entrepreneur, Social Bonder, Passionate About People


For the past 15 years Magdalena has lived and worked in countries such as Poland, Mexico, South Africa and Greece. Even though she has a Master’s degree in International Relations, her professional experience has mostly been in business development, marketing and client services across various industries.

In 2015, together with her partner Periklis, she decided to make a drastic change in her life: they would leave their 9-5 jobs in the big city and embark on a new adventure in the Greek countryside. It was a risk, but a risk that felt so natural as living itself. That was the start of Live-Bio, a quaint guest house on the Peloponnese peninsula, overlooking the Aegean Sea and Poros island. But Live-Bio was so much more than just a location. It has become a lifestyle concept, an approach to living life the way it’s meant to be. What does it mean? It’s about being creative, about interacting with people who are not business agents and forming meaningful connections with them. It’s about living closer to nature and its produce. It’s about having mental and emotional balance - the greatest form of wealth

My work in all these projects helped me to develop important skills such as coping with time limitations and coming up with practical solutions to achieve results.

As I filmmaker I promote the idea that we should not only deliver high-quality films but stories with an impact that bring positive changes to the world and inspire future generations.

Elena Georgie
Creative Director, Tree Bench Films


I believe everybody has a story that’s worth telling. Everybody has a dream that’s worth pursuing. I feel like I’m living my best life at the moment and would like to help others achieving the same.

Living in so many different countries and cultures has taught me to be more patient, understanding, observant and open minded. It has also taught me that taking a risk, following your passion and working hard to reach your dream eventually pays off. I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation which I gladly share with others who are keen to give it a try.

Magdalena Iwaszko

Entrepreneur, co-owner of Live-Bio, Greece


Emotional, self-discovery, creative journey


Experience relaxation off the beaten track and tell your story through a short film.


Things We Will Learn

Concept & development


We kick off every project with a round of discovery. It’s our chance to ask and listen and really begin to learn what your story, audience, goals, and challenges are.



Once we have our concept defined, we move into scriptwriting. We develop a messaging outline that provides a structure for a script. As we write, we bring in all that we’ve learned about the story, and the tone defined by the concept.

Basic Film-making skills

We’ll guide you through the entire process from scripting, to shooting, and all the way through post-production and delivery. Each phase is aligned with a schedule you will plan, with clearly defined milestones along the way.



Beyond story, this is where the pace and the tone are often defined for the final show. It’s an exciting phase that leads to many creative opportunities around music, style, structure, composition, etc.


Heal, Transform & Tell Your Story

We are all capable to search for our own happiness, transform and shine our stories as long as we are willing to do the inner work and have the right tools, support and guidance to do so.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to travel to Poros?
    This tour begins and finishes in Poros Port, so you’ll need to arrange flights to Athens International Airport (ATH) to arrive and depart on the first and last days of your itinerary. Airport transfers aren’t included as part of your trip, but are easy enough to arrange – we can talk you through this when you book. One of the first good things about Poros is that it is easy to reach. From Athens airport or city centre, visitors can go to the port of Piraeus and take a ferry to Poros. Please note that an important welcome meeting will be held at around 6pm on day 1 of your trip. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to attend the meeting. On the final day (day 8) of your trip, no activities are planned and you are free to depart at any time.
  • How many people will be in a group?
    On average you can expect group sizes to be made up of around 5-6 people, with a maximum of 10.
  • How much spending money should I bring with me?
    General costs in Poros are pretty reasonable, so you won’t need a huge budget to get by comfortably, but make sure you plan for optional activities as there’s plenty you’ll probably want to do while you’re out there. You can expect to pay between €10-€20 for a meal plus drinks, so a weekly budget of around €300 should be a good amount to keep in mind, minus any costlier activities.
  • What if I'm not a film practitioner?
    Yes of course! Anyone wanting to explore their creative and emotional expression would benefit from this workshop.